Upcoming Events

District level tournaments

Students participated in the District level tournaments in Judo, Football & Kabbadi.The school won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze in the District level Judo Championship. 2 students were selected for the State level Jodo Championship.



Class X students along with their Science Teacher, Ms. Amita Soni, visited Vidya Bhawan Krishi Vigyan Kendra on 25th Jan. 2016 to practically study ‘How do Organisms Reproduce?’ under the expert guidance of Mr. Jodha, Director, KVK. They learnt about vermin compost, green house, reproduction through spores, pollination, different types of flowers, vegetative propagation, mixed and inter cropping, types of plants, different types of roots and shoots and biogas plant. They also studied about mono hybrid and di-hybrid cross and disease related to citrus plants. Apart from this they were also shown the ‘aquaphonic method’ of cultivation


Educational Trip

The Students of classes VI – XII were taken for an Educational Trip to Lothal, Somnath ,Diu and Junagarh. At Lothal the students saw the excavated remains of the dockyard and its importance, the upper city i.e the citadel and its usage, the headman’s house and the market and the lower city which had houses of the commoners and workshops. They learned about the drainage system, the burials, the art of using various metals for making beads for jewellery, baked pots and bricks, granaries, wells etc. At Diu, the students saw the Diu Fort & the Lighthouse, Naida Caves and the Nagoa Beach. At the fort they observed the Portuguese Architecture, the cannons used in those days, the Lighthouse and its importance. The caves……………………………… The students enjoyed splashing in the shallow waters, watching various adventure sports at the beach like para sailing, water skiing & water scooter ride, making sand castles etc. At Somnath they visited the Somnath Temple premises and watched the fishing activities from there. The difference between a shore and a beach was well understood by them. They also visited the ship building yard here and gathered information on the kind of wood used, how it is bent to give shape etc. they also climbed on to the deck to see the structure from within. From here they went to Balka Tirth, the place where Krishna breadth his last. On their way back to Udaipur, they saw the rock edicts of Ashoka at Junagarh. It was interesting to see how the students were looking for the present alphabets of Hindi & English in it. The concept of inscriptions and manuscripts was well made clear to them.


Picnics to the Organ Park

'Students of Classes I –V were taken for picnics to the Organ Park, Rajiv Gandhi Park and Sahelion Ki Badi on 16th, 17th & 18th Dec. 2015. They were taken for an educational trip to the Biological Park, Sajjangarh where they learnt about the animals – carnivores, herbivores, omnivores/ mammals, reptiles/ flightless birds and birds that can fly. Children were also made to observe the instructions put up at different places and its importance was discussed with them.


Our Young Achievers

Nisarg Vyas scored a 10 CGPA in class X (2014-2015 Batch). Sukriti Jhala & Ravi Lega were selected for the State level Jodo Championship. Garima Paridar & Charchit Prajapat of Class X won a Silver and a Gold respectively in the State level Wrestling Tournament in Jan. 2016. Krishna Rawal of Class III secured 2 Silver Medals in the 1st Kudo State Level Championship. It’s a Japanese Martial Art introduced in Rajasthan for the first time.


Annual Day – UMANG 2015-16

Annual Day – UMANG 2015-16, was held on 14th Dec. 2015. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Qayyum Ali Bohra, a noted artist and educationist. The day showcased students talent in various cultural events like skits, nukkad nataks,classical and folk dances, group songs etc.. It was interesting to see the young students play instruments like synthesizer, dholak, bongo, congo, harmonium, etc. Care was taken to encourage maximum participation which involved children with special needs as well.


'Know Your States' Exhibition, 17thAugust, 2013

The 4th 'Know Your States' Exhibition was organised on 17th August 2013 at the School campus. Continuing with the tradition to develop a good understanding of India and appreciate its diversity, the exhibition focused on the historical, geographical, cultural and socio-economic aspects of the selected states. This year, classes VI to X presented in-depth information on Bihar, Goa, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.


Intra Class Hindi Recitation Competition for classes I to V, 14th August, 2013

'Deshbhakti' (Patriotism) was the theme for the Hindi Recitation Competition organised on 14th August 2013 for classes I to V. The School conducts such activities to help students to open up and have confidence in their abilities. It also helps teachers to judge the potential of the students.


Derek's Quiz, 8th August, 2013

Derek's Quiz was organised at the school on 8th August 2013. The objective was to take the learners beyond the boundaries of the text books and boost their participation. Four teams comprising one student from each class (classes VI to X) participated in the Quiz. The best four performers were selected for the City Finals.


Understanding Udaipur, December, 2012

Vanshala, camp and hikes are an integral part of the School programme. In the last week of December 2012, students camped in the school premises for three days and went around Udaipur to gather an in-depth knowledge of the city and make an understanding and its natural, cultural and educational heritage. Shri S.K. Verma, IFS Retd., President of the Udaipur Chapter of INTACH elaborated upon the architectural and historical aspects of medieval history during visit to the City Palace. WZCC's Programme Coordinator Shri Vilas Janhve illustrated the cultural significance of Gangaor Ghat and Bagore ki Haveli. Students visited Sahastra Bahu Temple and Haldi Ghati. They enjoyed the Light & Sound Show at Pratap Smarak. Visit to the Railway Museum at the Railway Training School was an enthralling experience, which also gave a glimpse of the development of science, technology and transportation in India. The importance of a zoo was evident during visit to Gulab Bagh. Maun-vela (the Quiet Hour) at the sun-set point on Moti magari was a time to reflect upon the learning and experiences.


Annual Day, 12th December, 2011

The School celebrated its Annual Day on 12thDecember, 2011. The programmes ranged from plays, skits, dances and songs. Each item had a message for the performers as well as for the audience. Shri Vilas Janhve, Programme Coordinator, West Zone Cultural Centre was the Chief Guest.


Art and Craft Exhibition, 12th November, 2011

An Art and Craft Exhibition was organised on 12th November, 2011 at the School, where works of our students was put on display. The exhibits included ethnic pot designing, designing on marble and wooden tiles, masks, embroidery and many other forms of art. One of the highlights was an artistic presentation on current environmental issues (Say No to Plastics, Eat Healthy, Save Water etc.).
The School encourages art and craft work amongst students to stir-up their imagination, develop their ability to express in an aesthetic way and shape-up their presentation skills.